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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Collinte products?

Collinite's product performance can be attributed to its unique, hand-crafted blend of polymer technology and  grade 1 Brazilian natural carnauba wax. Since 1936, the results speak for themselves; amazing spreading characteristics and water bead properties, superior durability, and the depth, glow and stunning shine that detailing enthusiasts should come to expect from premium wax products.
This performance has been repeatedly documented not only by Collinite's loyal customer following (word-of-mouth accolades and unsolicited product plugs), but by several industry-wide product tests as well. (Powerboat Reports, Practical Sailor, and Auto Express to name a few)

The following products contain natural, #1 grade carnauba:
#845, #925, #476, #915, #885, #870, #126, #855.

When used properly (following manufacturer's directions in regard to application and recommended conditions) Collinte products do provide long-lasting protection and shine.

Some of the benefits of Collinite products, or "what wax does", for automobiles and marine vessels are:

Prevents finish deterioration by protecting against oxidation/rust, moisture, sun bleaching (UV), fading, dirt, film and salt (road and water) accumulation. This inevitably retains your vehicle/craft's appearance which over time, can serve to increase resale value. Continually utilizing Collinite's protectants saves time and money from replacement and major maintenance costs (repainting, refinishing, heavy compounding, replacement of expensive parts)

-Reduces drag (wind and water resistance) by improving finish sleekness. In some cases, this increases overall speed and fuel efficiency.

-Offers excellent staying power; that is, Collinite products' quality ingredients and craftsmanship provide them with a certain caliber of durability many products promise, but rarely deliver. More longevity of the wax coating means less frequent applications. For the user, this ultimately means less time maintaining, and more time enjoying your car or boat.

Creates a mirror-like, shimmering deep shine that only premium carnauba can provide

Is your Collinite wax clear-coat safe?

The following waxes are clear-coat recommended:
- 845 Insulator Wax
- 476s Super Doublecoat Auto Wax
- 885 Fleetwax Paste
- 915 Marque D’Elegance Auto Wax

Should I always apply one of your cleaners (920 Fiberglass Boat Cleaner or 840 Prewax Cleaner) before waxing?

It is not always necessary. Take a look at each scenario, depending on if you are working on your car or boat.

Boat: If it is older (more than 6 years) and has any oxidation, dirt or film embedded in the paint, use the cleaner first, then apply the wax. If the paint appears to be clean after a wash, then simply apply the wax and skip the cleaner. Collinite also makes a one-step formula called the #870 Liquid Fleetwax, which is a cleaner-wax combo. Its durability is not as strong as cleaning and waxing separately, but you will still get 2-3 months out of it. Also, if you have a larger boat (25+ ft.), it is a nice time saving option to have, which is why it is Collinite’s #1 seller in the Marine Industry.

Car: Only use the cleaner if the car is a non-clear coat lighter finish (white, silver, tan). Clear coats and newer finishes do not require a cleaner, and simply require a wax protectant. Always apply wax after using a cleaner.

What is the difference between the 476s and the 915 Marque D’Elegance?

In terms of durability, the 476s lasts an average of one month longer than the 915.
The 915 has more carnauba wax in the formula, and its finishing result is a warmer shine, and it is slightly easier to work with.

The 476s is the most durable product offered by Collinite, which is why it requires a little more rubbing and elbow grease.

What is the difference between the 845 and the 476s?

The 845 and 476s are made with the same ingredients, but the 476s lasts longer due to the fact that it has a higher concentration of natural and synthetic waxes. This is why the 476s is tougher to work with. The 845 has been Collinite’s overall best seller for 20 years due to the fact that it has excellent durability combined with an ease of use.

How long does your wax last?

Liquid/Gel Wax (845 and 925): 5-7 months depending on UV exposure

Paste Wax (476, 885): 9-11 Months depending on UV exposure

Marque D’Elegance (915): 8-10 months depending on UV exposure

Keeping your car in the sun all the time will slightly reduce these figures, and so will washing your car constantly with highly potent grease-cutting soaps. The wax is meant to protect your paint from the elements, so anything more than a non-abrasive soap is not necessary. Many times, hosing off your vehicle and drying it off with a towel will keep it looking great while preserving the coat of wax you applied.

Would you recommend waxing with a liquid/gel wax or paste wax?

This is personal preference. Both will give you very similar shine and protection. There is a direct correlation between difficulty of job and durability. The paste is considerably harder to work with, but the protection in terms of length of durability is superior. The liquid/gel application is more popular among users because it is considerably easier to work with and still lasts around 6 months.

If I wax my car/boat twice, will it give double the durability?

Waxing twice in a row will increase durability greatly, but it is not necessary. The products are formulated in order to provide lasting protection, and are not needed to be applied one right after the other.

But, if you wish to go over your car twice just to be safe, go over the hood, roof and trunk, as it will lend itself to the most rainfall and UV exposure. The sections of a car that will rust the quickest are around the wheel wells, so be sure that these are also protected.

For a boat, the hull will need the most protection because it is constantly in water

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